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Allergy comfort

Patch Allergy Crise

Soothe allergic attacks !

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Allergic, do you want to moderate the manifestations of your seizures? Rebalance your body and regulate your natural defences with this energy patch.

Coughing, itching, redness, inflammation,... all these allergy crisis symptoms are a burden in everyday life. Choose the solution of this energy patch to make you feel better.

It allows you to:

  • Moderate acute manifestations in the event of an allergic crisis
  • Helping your immune system to cope with allergens
  • Soothe allergic crises
  • Regulate natural defences
  • Promote the body's energy balance

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Patch Allergy Crise

Patch Allergy Crise

Soothe allergic attacks !

Do you know the most effective allergy foods?

Liquorice root, nettle, honey, propolis, turmeric - exacerbated by black pepper - and onion, especially for infusion, are good against inflammation.

Green tea, fresh citrus fruits, apples and nuts are good antihistamines. For itching, it is advisable to use essential oils of mint and lavender with oil or aloe vera.

As for the essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and helichrysum from Madagascar, they are effective decongestants.

This patch is adapted to the energetic balancing of an allergy crisis.

On the energy level this patch will calm the manifestations of acute allergy in the eyes, nose, throat, bronchi and skin. It will slow and neutralize the allergic reaction, IgE, mast cells, histamine release, the main allergens (bovine protein) and stimulate the physiological release of cortisol.

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