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Allergy comfort

Allergic ground

Boost your natural defenses !

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Are you looking for a natural way to control your allergies and reduce your sensitivity? Boost your immune defences and neutralize the main allergies, pollens, proteins, dairy products and eggs, thanks to our energy patch.

Allergies affect many people. Over the seasons, the body must deal with multiple allergens. This is followed by respiratory problems, swelling, redness,... which can be moderated - or even suppressed - naturally by a hormone secreted by the adrenal gland, allowing your body to fight allergies.

It is ideal for :

  • Soothe the allergic ground
  • Regulate natural defences
  • Curb and neutralize allergic manifestations
  • Moderate excessive defenses
  • Neutralize the main allergens such as pollens, proteins, dairy products or eggs

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Allergic ground

Allergic ground

Boost your natural defenses !

Do you know that stress, alcohol, tobacco interfere with your immunity ?

Pollution, pesticides, certain medicines, perfumes and chemicals are also major disruptions for your body on a daily basis.

There are natural remedies to boost your body and stimulate your immunity. Essential oils of tarragon, chamomile, tansy and vegetable oil of nigella can constitute good natural base treatments. We recommend that you consult a naturopathic or aromatherapist specialist on this subject.

Promote and optimize your natural immunity by consuming natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidants: Liquorice, nettle, green tea, turmeric.

This patch is adapted to the energetic balancing of a chronic allergy (field allergy).

On the energy level this patch will calm the allergic ground throughout the body, the release of histamine, allergy, the main allergens, the main IgE, interleukins, plasma cells, mast cells and regulate the other cells involved in allergy. It will stimulate the natural secretion of cortisol.

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