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In January, protect yourself!

Publié le 01/16/2019

  • In January, protect yourself!
Cold, viruses and bacteria circulate, with their attendant inconveniences: Cold, flu, various respiratory infections, fatigue.
Fatigue is often linked to the consequences of our body's struggle against these various aggressions.

But this fatigue can also be the consequence of a somewhat neglected lifestyle (lack of sleep, too rich and dirty food), daily overwork, or even a health problem that is sometimes ignored...

In case of chronic fatigue, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.
It is very important to pay attention to our lifestyle in order to give our body every chance to emerge as a "winner" of these various struggles.

Energy patches are here to help you: Without contraindication, without age limit, without chemical or medicinal products, they simply act by the frequency harmony they reflect. Their validity is unlimited if they are taken care of. More info?

Some patches can be used by several members of the same family: flu, winter virusesstimulation 5 exhausted subject for example.
These patches act both in prevention and in the event of an existing disease.


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