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Coronavirus: Why the epidemic is serious

Publié le 03/28/2020

  • Coronavirus: Why the epidemic is serious
The coronavirus, which is of animal origin, has an increasing frequency of activity. As a result, it is very dangerous because our natural defences have never encountered it and are therefore unprepared to deal with it (therefore without any protective human immunity of the organism). All this explains the seriousness of pneumonia.

Is there a treatment?

No there is no treatment at present, only symptomatic treatment can be offered. At present, therapeutic trial protocols are under way, the results of which will be known at a later date.

When Qi Harmony proposes an adapted energetic and vibratory solution:
The new energy patch Coronavirus.
Applied to the skin, it will instantly activate your natural defenses against this virus.
Thus, if the Coronavirus attacks you, your organism will already be ready to defend itself.

How will the patch work?

- It will stimulate your specific immune defenses (energetic prevention effect).
- It will slow down and neutralize the activity and proliferation of the virus.
- To inhibit and neutralize the nucleic material of the human cell which is essential for the development of the virus and to prevent it from proliferating.

 In terms of frequency and vibration
. It acts on the vibratory frequencies and thus neutralizes the frequency activity of virus-cell attachment sites.
. It also neutralizes the vibratory activity of interleukin IL6, an inflammatory factor activated by the infection and responsible for the severity of the pneumonia of this coronavirus.

This anti-coronavirus energy patch is of course only a powerful active energy aid in the fight against this serious epidemic, it is not a vaccine, it can be associated with any treatment, it is active at any age. Protect your family.


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