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Quantum Energy balancing

The quantum vibratory energy field of the body

Our body is made up of wave quantum particles. These particles assemble to form atoms, molecules, DNA, our cells, our organs, our hormones and enzymes. All these quantum elements vibrate continuously expressing harmonious wave frequencies, they express our harmonious quantum energy balance. These energies radiate into a wave energy cloud: the energetic field of the human body.

Each cell is controlled by a meridian

Each cell of our body, each organ, is connected to an acupuncture meridian, by a small beam of quantum energy, that constantly regulates it to maintain balance and harmony.

Emotions make us sick

Each meridian is linked to one of the five Chinese sentiments.
Shen: meridians heart, small intestine, pericardium, Triple warmer.
Yi: Meridians Spleen-Pancreas, Stomach.
Po: Meridians Lung, Large Intestine.
Zhi: Meridians Kidney, Bladder.
Hun: Meridians liver, Gallbladder.
Our emotions unbalance a feeling, the meridian, the organ, the cell, the vibratory frequencies are altered and become disharmonious, dissonant, the balance is broken, the disease settles.
The imbalance maintains the disease.


Gérard Fiches (currently retired physician) has been studying for over 40 years these disturbances that drugs cannot cure. He directed this research to find a way to balance the patient and the disturbed organ, in order to complete the medical treatment. It is the quantum balancing QQH method global and respectful of everyone.
This quantum energy balancing method of the patient and the disturbed organ makes it possible to regain the lost balance: Balancing and harmonisation of feelings, meridians, organs, cells...
The QQH method also helps to curb and neutralize the energetic activity of a disease, of an infectious agent, and to stimulate specific natural defences.


To enable the largest number of people to benefit from this balancing, QQH has developed energy patches gathering on one side an image with small frequency specific codes to balance a disease.
The image of the patch is printed on paper, laminated, cut into a circle of 3cm in diameter, sturdy and left to use. Just apply the image against the skin to get energy harmonisation.
Enjoy the free download of a patch every month: Download the image, print it at home, cut and apply the image against the skin, energy balancing information starts instantly. So our patches are not medical devices, but a simple image that you can print at home on paper.


There are two ways to restore your energy balance: either by a professional trained in Quant Qi Harmony’s method, or by wearing an energy patch. We recommend that you have a good preliminary check-up carried out by a specialist. This check-up is the only way we can obtain an accurate diagnosis, carry out tailored energy balancing and recommend the right energy patch.

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