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Energy patch Virility

Stimulate your sexual virility !

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Are you looking for a natural help to regain virility, fight against impotence and premature ejaculation? Find a fulfilled sex life with our energy patch.

Erectile dysfunction and sexual impotence affect nearly one in five men. These statistics increase with age and health deficiencies. As for premature ejaculation, this physiological disorder is generally related to a lack of self-control and can be corrected. These sexual problems can be embarrassing for the man, his couple and his sex life.

Find a fulfilled sex life with our energy patch. He will help you to :

  • Promote erection
  • Tone up the penis
  • Stimulate your sex hormones
  • Reduce impotence and premature ejaculation

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Energy patch Virility

Energy patch Virility

Stimulate your sexual virility !

Scientific studies have observed the correlation between high daily stress and sexual failure. Family or couple problems can also promote impotence or premature ejaculation.
A consultation with a therapist, psychologist or sexologist can help you.

Doctors have noticed a significant improvement in erection and sex life among men who have quit smoking, drug use and/or excessive alcohol consumption.

Blood circulation problems can also affect your virility. You can stimulate your blood circulation by taking certain food supplements such as red vine, horse chestnut, or fish oils (omega 3). Ginseng, ginger, cola and arginine are natural sexual stimulants.

For stress management our Zen energy patch is made for you. Magnesium, ashwangada, St. John's wort, saffron or lemon balm can also help. For the right dosage: you can consult a naturopathic specialist.

Also remember to allow yourself time to relax and let go.

In your male patient population, do some patients suffer from sexual problems? Do you want to help them? Our Virility patch is an effective energy solution that complements your treatment.

This energy patch will stimulate erection, vasodilation, cavernous and spongy bodies, androgens, testosterone, pelvic parasympathetic, penile artery, erectile hormones. It will slow down and neutralize phosphodiesterase (erectile dysfunction), inhibitory hormones, premature ejaculation.

The patch must be worn day and night, the older the problem, the longer the patch must be worn.

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