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Welcome to our public area. NB: our patches, books, publications and stone pendants are protected by copyright. Copying or reproducing them is forbidden and may be subject to legal proceedings.
Energy patches
Our patches allow an energetic balancing of the patient, of the disturbed organ, of the disease, adapted to any health problem. They do not contain any chemical or biological substances, their mode of action is purely energetic. Placed against the skin the image of the patch sends an energy balancing information adapted to a health problem. Our energy patches are complementary to the medical treatment that needs to be continued. Every month take advantage of the free download of a patch. Just print the image, cut it out and place it against the skin to get the specific energy balancing of the patch. An energetic patch is therefore not a medical device, there is besides no device, but a simple image to be applied against the skin. Our ready-to-sell patches are identical: the same image printed on paper, laminated, cut, more convenient to use and more robust. The effect of the patch is permanent. To find your patch type in the search the name of the disease or your health problem. Attention Our patches are protected by copyright any reproduction or copying is prohibited and liable to prosecution for infringement.