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How to use our energy patches

Quant Qi Harmony energy patches are extremely discreet and can be easily applied to any parts of your body. Here are some instructions and recommendations to ensure maximum efficiency when applying and wearing your energy patch.


An Energy Patch consists of an image printed on paper to be placed in contact with the skin, to balance a patient, a sick organ and a disease. In addition to the medical treatment. It contains no chemical or biological substance, its mode of action is purely energetic. Placed against the skin the image of the patch sends a simple Energy Balancing information, adapted to a health problem.

Every month take advantage of the free download of a patch. Just print the image at home, cut it out and place it against the skin, Energy balancing starts instantly. An energy patch is therefore not a medical device, there is no device, but a simple image to apply against the skin. Our ready to sell patches are the same: The same image printed on paper, laminated, cut, more convenient to use and more robust. The effect of the patch is permanent.

One energy patch is enough: it works permanently as long as the image is legible and unaltered.

Click here for our catalogue of energy patches tailored to each imbalance


The energy patch is designed to be adhered on the back of a watch (with a diameter of at least 3 cm) with an adhesive. Each patch may also be placed directly on the skin throughout the day, for several days, weeks or months depending on the desired effect and the illness. People with sensitive skin are recommended to move the patch on a regular basis.

Each energy patch comes with:

  • two adhesive bandages Tegaderm for sticking the patch on your skin
  • two strips of double-sided adhesive tape for wearing the patch under your watch

The side featuring the image of sinusoid codes should be placed against the skin using the adhesives provided. There are several possible ways of attaching your energy patch effectively:

  • Directly on your skin using a hypoallergenic tape such as Transpore: this tape is water-resistant, can be easily cut to size without scissors and leaves no sticky residue on the energy patch, which makes it easy to move it regularly. Women can slip the energy patch into their bra, for example, whereas men can slip it into their sock, against their ankle.
  • Under your watch using double-sided tape: the energy patch is resistant to sweat and water, however, we recommend that you remove it before taking a bath or shower.
  • On your skin using a Tegaderm dressing: these dressings are breathable and waterproof, they are resistant to water and sweat. This solution allows you to wear the patch for several days, even while taking a bath or shower.


Anyone can wear Quant Qi Harmony energy patches. Babies, children and adults of any age can wear patches tailored to their energy imbalance.

Several energy patches can be worn at the same time.


In order to guarantee maximum confidentiality, the name of the health problem is not written directly on your energy patch. Each energy patch simply bears a reference number on the side featuring the image of sinusoid codes. Each patch comes with some information on how to use the energy patch and on the associated health problem.
Note this down in a safe place.

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