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Gérard Fiches

Gérard FICHES (PhD in Medicine 1969. University of Medicine, Bordeaux, France). He is at the origin of the energy balancing quantum method QUANT QI HARMONY. He is a consultant in energy balancing for QUANT QI HARMONY.

Enthusiast for many years by quantum physics, biology, Chinese acupuncture, the exploration of the field energy of the human body and its balancing. Gérard FICHES quits general medicine in 1983 to devote himself to the energetic balancing of the patient and the sick organ, in addition to the medical treatment.
Retired physician in 2007 he is dedicated to research (quantum energy, acupuncture), the impact of our emotions that disturb Chinese feelings, meridians and organs, originally of our health, our disease problems.

He hosted trainings, lectures and writes books about its method. Today, its energy method is used by many therapists and doctors in order to be accessible to the greatest number.


As well as having devoted 45 years to research and professional experience (general medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, quantum physics, auriculotherapy and auriculomedicine), Gérard Fiches is also passionate about maths, science and music. After teaching at a school in Lyon for several years, he was soon assigned to teach at higher education level in Paris, where he was able to present the results of his innovative research to doctors.

Gérard FICHES has been teaching his method in France and throughout Europe since 1989 as part of regular and innovative training courses intended for doctors and therapists.

He understood that emotions make us sick, as had watched old Chinese acupuncturists over 4000 years ago. He has just published a book: « Family History », genuine work tool for professionals trained to his method. This method of balancing energy is complementary to the medical treatment and cannot be a substitute.


Gérard FICHES studied the vibratory field of the human body and analysed the vibrational frequencies of the quantum particles in our body, organs, cells, hormones, DNA, acupuncture points and meridians as well as the universe around us.

He translated each frequency into a sinusoid curve and grouped together the sinusoids of the typical frequencies of each element into a single graph: the ‘frequency code’, or energy code, of each element.

Each element has its own specific frequency code (or energy code). The energy frequency code of an organ is the same as a tissue extract of that organ and the energy frequency code of a hormone is the same as a hormone extract.


Gérard Fiches studied the different energy vibrational frequencies of the body and compared them to the sound frequencies of notes on the musical scale (which he modified by introducing harmony). As a result, he discovered that when organs and balanced meridians are in good health, they strike a perfect consonant chord in terms of vibrational energy. He also discovered that unbalanced meridians and organs, diseases and infectious agents all vibrate in a toxic dissonant chord.

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