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Training courses 2017-2018, Dr Gérard Fiches

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Dates schedule 2017-2018
Full programme 2017-2018 Luxembourg City 2
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NB: our handouts, materials and products provided during our training courses are protected by copyright. Copying or reproducing our materials is forbidden and may be subject to counterfeiting proceedings.

Our energy imbalances and health problems are always caused by emotional stress.

Over 4000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that our health problems are caused by stress, which disrupts one of the five Chinese feelings and throws off balance one of the meridians attached to this emotion, the area of the meridian and the associated organ. This is when disease can set in and opportunistic infectious agents can attack.

I have always checked this when practising my method of exploring and harmonising the energy of organs, cells, hormones, acupuncture points/meridians and Chinese feelings.

I have taught my investigation and energy balancing method for years, involving quantum frequency medicine and acupuncture.
I have always explained the impact of stress on the emotional brain, the Chinese feelings, the meridians and organs, and the need to correct it.
Trained therapists and doctors have used my energy balancing method with great success.
The extremely vast exploration and correction area made it hard for practitioners to focus their balancing on the essential aspects and to permanently defuse the ‘bomb’ or ‘infernal axis’ that had caused the disease since the time of stress.
Given the importance of this new check-up following a specific guiding thread to correct all imbalances inevitably leading to a disease, and given the spectacular effectiveness of this new balancing concept, I decided to change my training courses and adapt them to this new concept. My aim was to help practitioners deactivate a pathological process both intelligently and permanently.

This led me to develop a new and revolutionary method (that is both non-invasive and mindful of our identify) of exploring, regulating and harmonising the specific energy imbalances of a health problem.
Starting with a disease or a diseased organ, it’s very easy to trace back to the disturbed meridian(s) or feelings thrown off balance by stress, to correct this feeling by turning back time to the year of the start of the disease and to harmonise any infernal axes that caused and perpetuated the disease or health problem.
You will learn, by following this guiding thread, to pinpoint and correct other feelings involved in this pathological process. The interaction between feelings is complex but logical. It follows specific laws that you will learn to master for maximum effectiveness.
Some of my previous participants made the wise choice to attend my new training programme spontaneously. They were delighted with this new concept that enables them to get to the root of the disease and follow the guiding thread through the maze of interactions between feelings, so that their energy correction is more effective.
The results of this new energy balancing are immediate, effective and astounding.

My new training programme follows a very specific guiding thread for immediate effectiveness in practice on your clientele.
I run this training programme myself: You spend the morning learning the theory, then in the afternoon you get to put the exploration and balancing method that you learned that morning into practice.
During each training course, you will receive a comprehensive and up-to-date handout enhanced with tables and images in colour, which you can use for future reference.

The first level (level-1) covers the basics of my method. You will learn how to carry out a simple and straightforward energy check-up, get to grips with the basic equipment, and find out how to carry out simple yet effective energy corrections on your clientele.
The next five levels follow a very specific guiding thread. You will study diseases and health problems linked to one of the five Chinese feelings disrupted by stress. Starting from the local imbalance, the diseased organ or disease, you will learn how to trace back to the meridian(s) until you detect the feeling disturbed by stress. You will then find out how to neutralise the energy of the disturbed feeling by rolling back the Chinese years until you arrive at the year of the initial stress. You will then be able to harmonise and balance the energy of the meridians, organs, disease and infectious agent.
You will fathom out the intricacies of the organs’ cellular, hormonal and enzymatic functioning and carry out the necessary energy corrections to ensure effectiveness.
Level-7 is an additional summary and training level on how to make optimum use of this new, revolutionary energy balancing method that guarantees immediate results.

I have been teaching my new method divided into seven theoretical and practical training levels since September 2015. But as each level is independent, you can participate in the ongoing classes at any time, then complete your training afterwards.

There’s no need to wait! Join our group of trainee practitioners and take advantage of the effectiveness of this new method right away so that you can pass on the benefits to your patients.
This new energy method will radically change your therapeutic practices! Your patients will not only benefit from the accuracy of your diagnosis and the simplicity of tracing back to the disturbed feeling, but also from an impressively effective tailored energy correction.

I look forward to meeting you.
Kind regards,
Dr Gérard Fiches.

See dates and programme:

Dates schedule 2017-2018
Full programme 2017-2018 Luxembourg City 2
See the pre-requisites for our training courses
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