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What about protection?

Publié le 10/24/2020

  • What about protection?
How to protect yourself?
How to prevent the ills of winter?
How to get through the winter in good shape?

When Qi Harmony proposes to stimulate your natural defences, to fight against viruses with products without contraindications, without chemical products, respectful of your health and your well-being.

    Prevent the flu

with our energy patch Flu 2020-2021

    Prevent winter viruses because it is not only the flu that can infect the body.

Our Winter Virus Energy Patch will protect you from all the other viruses that are often ignored or confused with the flu.

    Prevent the coronavirus (Covid 19)
with our Coronavirus energy patch n-COV 2019-2020

Several patches can be worn at the same time.
Their validity is unlimited as long as the small designs or small sinusoidal curves that compose them remain legible and undistorted.

Some patches can be modified:
For example the "Flu" patch whose viral strains change every year.

Families can take advantage of the sale by batch of 2 energy patches: Each batch benefits from a 30% discount on the unit price.
    Batch of 2 energy patches "Influenza 2020-2021
    Batch 2 energy patches "Flu + Winter Virus".
    Batch 2 energy patches "Coronavirus n-COV 2019-2020".


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