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Energy patch Genital virus

Energy patch Genital virus

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Are you looking for a natural remedy to get rid of papillomavirus, herpes or other viruses? Strengthen your immunity and neutralize these viruses with our energy patch.

Genital viruses, such as papillomavirus or herpes, are very common. They appear as wart-like growths on the skin or mucous membranes. An immune deficiency can promote these diseases.

This patch is ideal for restoring the energy balance of the genital organs. It allows you to:

  • Strengthen your natural defenses
  • Neutralize the cellular proliferation responsible for the disease
  • Fight genital viruses such as HPV6, HPV11, HPV16 and HPV18 as well as HSV2 genital herpes
  • Soothe the genital organs

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Energy patch Genital virus

Energy patch Genital virus

Energy patch Genital virus

Do you know good practices for a balanced sex life?

It has been proven that people who multiply partners and do not protect themselves with a condom are more affected by genital viruses.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a good immune system and protecting yourself are the foundations of good health.

In case of an attack with papillomavirus, herpes or other viruses, natural remedies can help you to treat yourself: tea tree (or tea tree essential oil), bicarbonate, niaouli oil, coconut oil, ravintsara, honey, propolis, shiitake extract (Japanese mushroom) and castor oil have been effective in some patients.
For the right dosage: you can consult a naturopathic specialist.
A consultation with a specialist is essential.

Your young patients are reluctant to be vaccinated against genital viruses, you yourself do not dare to impose on them a vaccination whose efficacy is not proven, while several post-vaccination incidents have been reported.

Our Genital Virus energy patch can provide you with an energy solution.
On this energetic level, the patch will strengthen the specific defences against the most dangerous genital viruses: Papilloma virus HPV6, HPV11, HPV16, HPV18 and herpes virus HSV2, often responsible for cell proliferation.

It is an additional energy aid for patients already vaccinated and an energy solution for those who refuse the vaccine.

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