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Energy patch Lyme -Ticks

Protect your body from tick-borne diseases

Are you looking for a natural remedy against tick bites? Neutralize tick-borne bacteria and viruses and boost your immunity with our energy patches.

A tick bite can inoculate your body with many bacteria and viruses.

These are inoculated when the tick has stung. They spread in your blood, your joints, but also your brain, your eyes, your ears, your nerves. Many diseases can result from this: the best known is Lyme disease, but it can also include meningoencephalitis, encephalitis, neuritis, fever, borreliosis, etc. Antibiotic-resistant, these bacteria and viruses deplete your immune system and weaken your body.

Quant Qi Harmony offers you a set of two energy patches against ticks: Ticks Bacteria and Ticks Viruses. Together, they make it possible to:

  • Act against bacteria and viruses transmitted by ticks
  • Neutralize viruses and bacteria related to tick-borne infections
  • Boost your specific natural defenses against bacteria and viruses inoculated by the tick
  • Rebalance your energies in case of infection due to a tick bite.

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Energy patch Lyme -Ticks

Energy patch Lyme -Ticks

Protect your body from tick-borne diseases

Do you know the natural methods to prevent a tick bite when walking in the wild?

  • Cover up as much as possible: pants, closed shoes, hats.
  • Stay on the trails, avoid bushy bushes
  • Check the entire surface of your body after the patient, especially in hot spots.

Do you know the natural methods for treating a tick bite during a walk in the wild?

  • A tick has taken up residence on your body? Remove it with special pliers or a tick puller. If you use tweezers instead, be vigilant and meticulous.
    It is important not to crush it because it can inject bacteria and viruses into your body. Also, do not tear it off because if there are any pieces of the tick left, it can also lead to infection.
  • Disinfect the bite / sting and monitor for a few days. If you have symptoms such as fever, headache, rash, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Many of your customers enjoy walking with their families or hiking in the meadows, forests and mountains. But you often see them, after tick bites, complaining of chronic joint pain, headaches, neuritis, which do not disappear despite antibiotics. Think of our 2 complementary patches Ticks bacteria and Ticks viruses, they will allow your customers to defend themselves against bacteria and viruses inoculated by the tick.

As you know, a single tick bite inoculates our body with many bacteria and viruses. The infection is diffuse around the bite: in the blood, in the joints. Then bacteria and viruses spread to the brain, eyes, ears, nerves: causing meningoencephalitis, encephalitis, neuritis.

Bacteria and viruses will remain there for years, resistant to antibiotics, exhausting the defenses and the body.

This new patch Tick Bacteria and Tick Viruses is double:

  • Patch tick bacteria against bacteria.
  • Patch tick viruses against viruses.

The Tick Bacteria patch is active against the main bacteria inoculated:

Anaplasma phagocytophilum, babesia, bartonella, borrelia, candidatus neoerlichia, coxiella, erlichia, francisella, rickettsia.

It uses the new method developed by Mr Gérard FICHES for Quant Qi Harmony which allows:

  • Energy neutralization of bacteria, their bacterial wall, their nucleic system to prevent their proliferation.
  • Stimulation of immunity cells and bacteriophages to destroy them.

The Virus Tick patch is active against the main viruses inoculated:

Eyach virus (Coltivirus), FSME virus, Orthobunyavirus, Phlebovirus, TEBV virus.

He also uses this new method of Dr. Fiches which allows:

  • Energetic neutralization of the virus, its nucleic system to prevent it from developing, stimulation of specific immunity cells.
  • Stimulation of specific immunity cells.

These two patches are complementary, must be associated and worn together.

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