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Joint comfort

Comfort Patch Arthrosis Cartilage

Relieve pain and improve your joint mobility!

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Do you suffer from osteoarthritis? Are your joints or cartilage painful? Soothe joint inflammation, slow the progression of osteoarthritis and forget about joint stiffness with our energy patch.

Osteoarthritis is an inflammation of the joint, bone and cartilage. It is painful, embarrassing and when you move, you feel stiffness. Why? Why? Because the joint deforms. Gradually, the cartilage softens, disintegrates and disappears, leading to painful functional impotence. In some cases, the affected joint may develop bone beaks or joint pinching.

Our patch is ideal for soothing inflammation and joint pain.

This patch allows you to:

  • Relieve joint pain
  • Improve your joint mobility
  • Slowing the progression of osteoarthritis
  • Regulate cartilage activity and reduce cartilage degeneration
  • To calm joint inflammation on an energetic level
  • Resolve the energetic imbalance of subjects suffering from joints

We recommend wearing the patch for the long term.

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Comfort Patch Arthrosis Cartilage

Comfort Patch Arthrosis Cartilage

Relieve pain and improve your joint mobility!

Did you know that your joints and cartilage are sensitive to sugar, "bad" fats, hydrogenated fatty acids, omega 6, stress, pollution and pesticides?

We encourage you to eat natural foods such as nuts, fish (salmon, sardines), turmeric (effective in combination with dark pepper), dark chocolate (especially for zinc), etc.

Exercise is also important, even if your joints are painful. Inactivity accelerates the degeneration process, so keep moving.

You have many patients who suffer from osteoarthritis and despite your efforts the situation gets worse?

Our energetic osteoarthritis patch can help them, soothe the pain and slow down the evolution. Osteoarthritis is due to inflammation of the joint, subchondral bone, and cartilage. Cartilage inflammation evolves towards a degeneration, with destruction of the cartilage. Our osteoarthritis patch will soothe the inflammation, slow down the evolutionary process, promote the reconstruction of the cartilage (if there is still time). Our patch calms the pain and improves the mobility of the affected joint.

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