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Energy patch Biting insects

Travel serenely despite the biting insects!

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Are you going on a trip and looking for a natural remedy to protect you from infections transmitted by the bites of tiger mosquitoes, non-bone flies or phlebotomes? The Biting Insect Patch promotes your natural defences to help you fight infections caused by insect bites.

When travelling in certain latitudes (mainly in humid, tropical and subtropical areas), insects, such as tiger mosquitoes, midges called sandflies (sandfly), non-born flies (blackfly), can transmit infections: Zika virus, chikungunya virus, dengue fever virus (for tiger mosquitoes), Leishmania parasite (for phlebotomes).

This energy patch boosts your immune defences against diseases transmitted by these biting insects and rebalances your energies. Wear this energy patch and travel peacefully

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Energy patch Biting insects

Energy patch Biting insects

Travel serenely despite the biting insects!

Do you know about plants that are repellent against biting insects? Lemongrass, basil, geranium, mint, lavender, tansy and marigold are good repellents against flies, midges, mosquitoes and even horseflies!

Tiger mosquitoes are kept away by the same techniques as ordinary mosquitoes: surround yourself with repellent plants, use sprays made of lemongrass or lavender, avoid standing water... Our grandmothers also kept unwanted insects away with vinegar or cloves planted in a lemon slice.

In the event of a sting, the essential oil of lavender aspic, witch hazel, geranium and plantain, for example, naturally soothe the symptoms.

Some clients like to visit paradisiacal places, the ocean, the beach. But they often bring back exotic diseases... Recommend our Biting Insects patch which will stimulate the defences against infectious agents transmitted by mosquitoes and phlebotomes.

This patch energetically stimulates the general state, the specific natural defences against most infectious agents transmitted: 1- by the tiger mosquito: Zika virus, chikungunya virus, dengue fever virus. 2- by phlebotomes (sandfly, nono flies): Leishmania parasite. The patch will slow down and neutralize the activity of the infectious agent, while stimulating the defenses. It will allow travellers to better defend themselves in terms of energy.

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