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Welcome to QUANT QI HARMONY’s website.

The general terms and conditions below exclusively govern the sale of our products and services. These products are sold new.

Our products and services are provided on condition that you accept the following general terms and conditions without reservations.

QUANT QI HARMONY reserves the right to amend these general terms and conditions without prior notice.


Our website aims to provide you with information on our activities, publications, training courses and products.

You have the option of purchasing our products and/or signing up to a training course on our website.


The products offered for sale are those listed in the ‘products’ section on the day when you visit the site (subject to availability). We reserve the right to modify the list of products offered for sale at any time.

If a product ordered on the site is unavailable, you will immediately receive an e-mail informing you thereof. The order will then simply be cancelled and you will either be reimbursed or, if you wish, you will be offered a replacement product.


The prices of our products are given in euros and subject to Luxembourg VAT, which amounts to 17% for our products and 3% for our books. The prices indicated are exclusive of processing and shipping fees.

If the customer is a taxable professional:

based in Luxembourg: the applicable VAT is Luxembourg VAT;

  • identified for VAT purposes in an EU Member State other than Luxembourg, the delivery will be exempt from VAT and the invoice will be issued exclusive of VAT (Article 43(d) of the Luxembourg VAT Act);
  • located in a non-EU country, the invoice will also be issued excluding VAT (Article 43(b) of the Luxembourg VAT Act).

Quantqiharmony.com reserves the right to modify its prices on an ongoing basis, but the products will be invoiced on the basis of the tariff in force when the order is recorded. The products remain the property of quantqiharmony.com until full payment has been received. The products and services sold on quantqiharmony.com are intended for private individuals and professionals.

Payments are made in euros, by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

The products are dispatched once payment has been received and confirmed.


Our products and/or services may be ordered on the website http://mon-equilibre-energetique.com by anyone aged 18 or over.

Any orders or registrations for a training course are subject to the ‘double click system’, which involves validating the order and expressly agreeing to these terms and conditions:

  • agreement on the content of the order (first click);
  • confirmation of the order (second click).

If the user does not confirm the order (second click), it will not be recorded.

The fact that you have placed an order or signed up to a training course does not in any circumstances oblige QUANT QI HARMONY to accept it. The latter reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order or registration at any time at its sole discretion and depending on the stocks or places available.

Once your order/registration for a training course has been confirmed, you will be informed as to whether your order/registration has been taken into account or rejected.

If the amount of the order has already been debited at the time of cancellation, the company undertakes to recredit the amount in question.

If the order/registration is accepted, the company will send you a confirmation e-mail comprising the following information: a detailed statement of the products or services ordered, the prospective delivery date, the general terms and conditions of sale, the postal and e-mail addresses to which you may send any complaints (where applicable) as well as the procedure for exercising your withdrawal right.


The products purchased on quantqiharmony.com are shipped only to the countries referred to on the website. The delivery deadlines indicated when orders are placed are routine average deadlines which correspond to the processing and dispatch times in addition to the transport times. Products are delivered to the delivery address that you indicated when the order is placed. If your order comprises several products with different dispatch times, the dispatch time taken into account on your order will be the longest time.

Quantqiharmony.com nevertheless reserves the right to split consignments. In this case, the products will only be debited once they have been dispatched and you will only be charged the processing and shipping fees of a single consignment. Quantqiharmony.com may not be held personally responsible for any consequences caused by delivery delays. If a dispatch is delayed, you will be notified by e-mail. In this case, and until the product is sent, you have the option of cancelling your order (provided no flow has been carried out prior to delivery) and requesting the reimbursement of your product and the return costs. If you receive a product after you have cancelled it, we will reimburse you once you have returned it to us.

We request that you track your order on a regular basis and call our customer service team if you have any questions or problems.

Any order which is not dispatched within 30 days of the order being placed will be cancelled unless otherwise stipulated or indicated in the sales proposal.

4.1 – Damaged or faulty products

You must notify the carrier or postal service in question if you have any reservations regarding the product delivered (damaged parcel, parcel already open, etc.) upon receipt. We recommend that you open the parcel upon receipt to avoid any dispute with the carrier and/or postal service.

In accordance with the cases defined in Article 11 below, you may benefit from the terms and conditions of exchange and reimbursement provided for in said Article, where applicable.

4.2 – Parcel loss

If a parcel is lost in transit, its contents are only insured if it is sent with a tracking service.

4.3 – Delivery deadlines

The product delivery deadlines may vary according to processing and dispatch requirements. As a general rule, the deadlines vary between two to eight days depending on the destination country.

Mainland France.
Other EU countries.

Contact us for the United States and other delivery countries.

4.4 – Delivery fees

Delivery fees vary according to the weight and dimensions of the parcel and the destination country.
The delivery fees will be specified at the time of order.


You may pay for your purchases by credit card (Visa, MasterCard) 3D secure, Paypal or other bank cards. Your card will not be debited until your order has been confirmed.

You may also pay for your purchases by means of a bank transfer to one of the accounts of quantqiharmony.com. Your order will be confirmed and dispatched upon receipt of your payment.


You are entitled to withdraw your order after you have placed it (Article L-221-3/222-1 of the Luxembourg Consumer Code).

The withdrawal period is 14 days:

  • for products, from their receipt;
  • for products, from their receipt;


If you cancel or withdraw your order/registration for a training course, you will be reimbursed within 14 days maximum of having returned the products to us or of the validation of your registration for a training course.

You will be reimbursed as quantqiharmony.com chooses, either by crediting your bank account or your payment card. You will only be reimbursed once the products have been returned to us.


Our customer service team is happy to provide you with any information you may need or to answer your questions: contact@quantqiharmony.com

– Belval Plaza l - 9H, av du Rock'n Roll – L-4361 Esch-Sur-Alzette. Luxembourg.
– Tél. : +352 28 77 11 02.
– Fax : +352 28 77 11 04.


We require information and data about you in order to manage your order and our sales activity. This data may be passed on to other companies which contribute to these relations, such as those involved in carrying out services and orders, for their management, processing and payment. This information/data is treated in accordance with provisions of the Luxembourg Law of 2 August 2002 on the protection of personal data. Pursuant to the Data Protection Act, you have the right to access and modify your personal data. To do so, simply write an e-mail to our Customer Service team indicating your surname, first name, e-mail address and, if possible, customer number.

Depending on the choices you made when you set up or viewed your account, or at the time of your order, you are likely to receive offers from our company. If you no longer wish to receive them, simply let us know.

Our site has been designed to be particularly attentive to our customers’ needs. This is one of the reasons why we use cookies. Cookies are designed to let us know when you visit our website. quantqiharmony.com only uses cookies to improve your personalised service.


10.1 – Liability limitations

The products available for sale comply with the legislation in force and the applicable standards in Luxembourg. quantqiharmony.com cannot be held liable in the event of failure to comply with the legislation of the destination country (e.g. if a product is banned, etc.). It is your responsibility to check with the relevant administrations whether the products or services that you plan to order can be imported or used.

The photos of our products on our site are provided for information purposes only and are not contractually binding on our company. We recommend that you refer to the description of each product to find out its exact characteristics. If you have any doubts or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. quantqiharmony.com is only responsible for the content of the pages published. quantqiharmony.com cannot be held liable in the event of an obvious discrepancy between a product’s characteristics and its depiction and/or the terms and conditions of sale.

If a product is purchased for strictly professional reasons, quantqiharmony.com cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, business interruption, loss of profits, loss of business opportunities, damages or costs that may arise from purchasing our products or attending a training course. If you are totally or partially unable to use the products, particularly due to incompatible equipment, you may not claim for any compensation or reimbursement.

We assume no liability for the contents of third-party websites that are accessible from our website or for any hyperlinks or electronic addresses which allow access to our website. We have no control over the contents, orientation and vocation of these websites.

Likewise, we assume no liability for the contents provided by the users of the website on our forum, our doctors’ and therapists’ directory or any other interactive space made available on our website.

We have no control over the activities, qualifications or skills of the doctors and therapists listed in our directory and assume no liability for the services they provide.

10.2 – Therapeutic liability

Our products have an energetic effect and should in no way be likened to medicinal products, vaccines, medical devices or medical/technical devices.

The information contained on our website is not intended as medical advice for therapeutic use and cannot by any means be used to make a diagnosis or provide medical treatment. Our products are not intended to replace any medical treatment (allopathic, homoeopathic or other) prescribed by your doctor.

You should never stop or change your current medical treatment without consulting your doctor.

We give no express or tacit guarantee regarding the ability of our products to reach their objectives, their quality or their value, whether commercial or other. More specifically, we give no guarantee as to the effectiveness of our products in attenuating or treating the health problems you are suffering from. We simply offer energy solutions.

QUANT QI HARMONY’s liability is restricted to the reimbursement of the purchase price of the products and/or services provided, pursuant to Article 11 of these general terms and conditions.


We undertake to reimburse or exchange, as we choose, any products which appear to be faulty or do not match your order. If you wish to request a refund, please contact our Customer Service team: contact@quantqiharmony.com.

The products must be returned to us or to the store in the state in which you received them and with all components (supplements, packaging, instructions, etc.). In all cases, you are entitled to the legal warranty in force, as provided for by the provisions of Articles 212-1 to 212-9 of the Luxembourg Consumer Code. These provisions do not prevent you, in any circumstances, from exercising your withdrawal right, as provided for in Article 6 of these general terms and conditions.


All of the brands and logos on our site are the exclusive property of Quant Qi Harmony.

Quant Qi Harmony holds all copyright on the site contents, including the texts, graphs, images, logos and computer programs, as well as the presentation, layout and structure of the site. You are authorised to download or print all or part of the site for private use only. Apart from in this framework, any reproduction, circulation or adaptation is prohibited without Quant Qi Harmony’s prior consent.

The sale of our products does not grant you any intellectual property on them. All intellectual property rights relating to our products, including copyright, expertise, patents or brands, remain the exclusive property of Quant Qi Harmony Sàrl.


You have the option of signing up to our discussion forum and posting messages intended for other forum members. By using the forum, you undertake to refrain from posting aggressive or defamatory messages, insults, personal criticism, obscenities or vulgar language, and more generally any messages that infringe the Luxembourg legislation in force. We reserve the right to exclude you from the forum with immediate effect if we notice that your messages do not comply with your commitment.


These general terms and conditions are subject to Luxembourg law.

Any dispute that may arise in relation to the use of the site or the provision of our products and/or services will be subject exclusively to Luxembourg law.

In the event of a dispute, the courts of Luxembourg City will have sole jurisdiction.