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Radioactivity energy patch

Boost your natural defences against radioactivity!

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Are you looking for a natural remedy to protect you from radioactive pollution? Improve your natural defenses with this energy patch.

Exposure to radioactive radiation can cause burns, nausea, fibrosis, cataracts, cancer, sclerosis, destruction of central nervous system cells, bone marrow and digestive wall.

This energy patch helps to deal with radioactive pollution, rebalance your body in order to regulate the natural defences against radioactivity.

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Radioactivity energy patch

Radioactivity energy patch

Boost your natural defences against radioactivity!

Against radioactivity, in addition to the recommended solution (iodine tablets), food supplements can help: clay, overactivated vegetable charcoal, magnesium chloride, gingko biloba in certain forms, and miso.

You are a health practitioner, many patients are victims of radioactive pollution, even if you are not yet trained in Dr. Fiches' Quantum Medicine, our patches will help them.

This energy patch neutralizes the main radioactive rays brought by a nuclear explosion or a radioactive cloud. It stimulates our natural defences against radioactivity.

This patch stimulates the epiphysis and the upper cerebral choroidal web, our natural protection against radioactive pollution and promotes its elimination.

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