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Energy Patch Geobiology

Harmonize your energies against geo-biological nuisances

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Are you looking for an effective natural way to neutralize geobiological manifestations such as negative entities, water veins, Hartmann nodes, telluric faults? Our energy patch is an effective aid to stimulate your natural defenses.

Geobiological nuisances - or geopathogenic stress - are numerous: geobiological faults, telluric networks, Hartmann or Curry nodes, toxins, negative entities, water veins, etc.

Their presence can impact the body in different ways. Do you often feel tired, have many nightmares or are you prone to sleeplessness? Stress or irritability affects you for no apparent reason? Do you often get sick, lose your hair or develop eczema? Your immune system may be weakened by harmful geobiological sources.

This energy patch is ideal to rebalance your energies, stimulate your natural defences and neutralize the main geobiological pollutions.

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Energy Patch Geobiology

Energy Patch Geobiology

Harmonize your energies against geo-biological nuisances

As the geobiological nuisances are varied, so are the neutralisation solutions. It is strongly recommended to call upon a geobiologist who can detect the different causes of pollution: electromagnetic pollution, land-based radiation, electrical currents generated by groundwater. It is advisable to avoid proximity to high voltage pylons, relay antennas, electrical installations and other electromagnetic devices.

You are a health practitioner, many patients are victims of geobiological pollution, even if you are not yet trained in Dr. Fiches' Quantum Medicine, our patches will help them.

This energy patch is suitable for energy protection against geobiological nuisances: water veins, Hartmann nodes, Curry nodes, telluric rifts.

The patch will permanently neutralize all these toxic energies, allowing us to regain harmony.

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