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Psychic Comfort 2 Patch - panic attack

Find the psychological balance again!

Are you looking for a natural way to find peace, serenity and inner calm? Do you want to regain control of your emotions? Alleviate your fears, panics and anxieties with our energy patch.

Being afraid is part of life. Worrying is human. But anxiety and panic are signs that you can no longer control your emotions, that you are letting them have a hold on your brain and your health.

To calm your psyche with panic fears, terror and fear, no need for medication. You need to relearn and relearn how to manage your emotions. It takes time and work, so put all the chances on your side!

This energy patch rebalances your psyche and your emotions. It will improve your self control to bring you peace and serenity.

This Psychic Comfort 2 patch is ideal for :

  • Promote emotional control
  • Calming panic, panic fear, terror, fear, anxiety, anxiety, worry
  • Promote a better psychological balance
  • Recovering serenity

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Psychic Comfort 2 Patch - panic attack

Psychic Comfort 2 Patch - panic attack

Find the psychological balance again!

What natural remedies can accompany you on your path to serenity and control of your panic fears?

  • Regular physical activity and good rest are essential. It means: spend yourself and sleep. If you can't fall asleep because of anxiety, valerian and passion flower are miracle plants to calm you down and help you get back to sleep.
  • A balanced diet ensures a better balance of body and mind! Too much caffeine, alcohol or tobacco can lead to imbalance and loss of emotional control!
  • Certain essential oils, such as lavender (externally), mandarin (diffused) or petit grain bitter orange (internally), are good assets to keep the course of courage and self control.
  • Meditation, sophrology and yoga can help you manage your emotions.
  • In some cases, acupuncture can soothe anxiety and shiatsu balances the energy between body, soul and mind.

In your clientele do you have a patient with a panic attack? Did you know that our panic attack energy patch is made for him?

Did you know that this problem is related to an untimely excitation of the thalamus which amplifies bodily, auditory or visual sensations, associated with a slowdown in the activity of the frontal cortex center of self control, resulting in a panic attack?

On the energetic level, the patch will slow down the hyperactivity of the thalamus and stimulate the frontal cortex. It will calm feelings of panic fear, fright, terror and the Chinese feelings involved, allowing the patient to return to a normal life.

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