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Energy Patch Stimulation 3

Balance your energy and approach the daily life with serenity !

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Would you like to find harmony, balance, energy and ensure the proper functioning of your body? You are overworked and you need to recover? Looking for a durable solution to flush out toxins and get rid of toxic energies?

"Toxins" are evil negative energies used by black magic. These bad energies can remain present in your body and disrupt you. They are different from less harmful, toxic energies: Accumulation of the energy waste normally eliminated by kydney, large intestine and lung.

You can stimulate your body, harmonize your energy (Qi), protect yourself against bad energies with this patch.

Tired, brain duality, double personality, impression to walk close by, not to be oneself, are the most communs signs of “toxins”.

To get rid of is challenging… Methods vary and efforts are not always rewarded. How to find serenity, balance and wellbeing?

This energy patch helps you in:

  • Eliminate "toxin" and protect you from it.
  • Stimulate your energy ( Qi).
  • Harmonize your body and your spirit.
  • Favor your well-being.

It is the ideal energy support for the extended beyond moms (or overwhelmed dads), for the overwork of the business men and women, for example. Carry the patch during a week minimum, 24h/24h, the appeasement is fast!

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Energy Patch Stimulation 3

Energy Patch Stimulation 3

Balance your energy and approach the daily life with serenity !

How to eliminate "toxin" of your body and how to protect you?

  • 1. Our “Grand Pectoral” pendant (large breastplate) with 12 precious stones (In the Bible, the high priest wore a large breastplate around his neck with 12 precious stones) : Hunting "toxin", bad energies, negative entities and protects us from it. Thanks to the power of 12 stones which start resonating, it is the most efficient.
  • 2. Our Stimulating Harmonizing comfort Patch 3, Favor the elimination of toxin and protect us. Simple and convenient.

How to harmonize or to boost your energy?

You need great places and some means to renew yourself :

  • The nature is an excellent positive source of energy.
  • Crystals, precious stones and semiprecious stones constitute very good trump cards to help you in the harmonization of your energies, and even in the management of your feelings. (Discover our pendants)
  • Make the air circulate: to aerate is important, wherever whom you are. Going out refreshes the ideas and to aerate the places of life animate the spirit.
  • Take time for you and meditate regularly – At least 5 minutes – immerse yourself in positive and harmonious thoughts, and above all, pray, if you are a believer.

Are you an energetic practitioner, overworked, often tired at the end of the day? You feel an unpleasant impression with some patients, be careful they may be loaded with toxins? Do you feel that they are "taking energy" and sometimes you have absorbed toxic energy? Do you have the impression of being out of step with your body, of walking beside? You have changing mood swings, as if you had a double personality ....

Be careful you are invaded by "toxins", bad evil entities ...
At the end of the day you are tired and vulnerable, your protective energy space has decreased, is no longer effective ... A patient filled with "toxins" will be discharged on you and you are contaminated ... This situation is likely to recur ...

First you have to eliminate these toxic energies and protect yourself. We have several solutions and can help you.

Our Stimulation harmonization patch 3 allows you to:

  • Eliminate toxins and protect yourself.
  • Stimulate the divine harmony.
  • Stimulate your energy, the Qi.
  • Harmonize your body and your mind.
  • Stimulate and regulate the epiphysis or pineal gland (central control).
  • Correct an energy vacuum.
  • Refocus yourself in your protective space.

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