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Weight loss

Patch slimming and destocking fats

Boost fat destocking and elimination to slim down quickly!

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You think you don't lose enough weight when you're dieting? Losing every kilo is hard for you and looking for a durable solution that will help you in your weight loss?

Our energy patch will boost fat destocking and burn it faster so that your efforts are better rewarded.

Slimming down and losing weight is not an easy thing and even less durable. Losing weight consists of burning more calories than those brought by your diet so that you can draw on your reserves.

How can you make your efforts easier? How to remove fat from storage and burn it?

This new energy patch is a starter to quickly lose unsightly fat, diet resistant, it will:

- Boost lipid destocking by stimulating the pancreatic glucagon cells that are too slow and no longer destocking fat, responsible for hypoglycemic attacks with imperative snacking.
- Stimulate metabolism and thyroid to disinfiltrate tissues, eliminate water retention and lose weight.

Be careful, to fully enjoy the benefits of this patch, you must stop snacking outside meals, and give your body time to destocking.
For example, by avoiding eating from dinner in the evening until lunch the next day at noon, for breakfast a coffee (sugar-free), water or better tea (sugar-free) which is excellent for draining and burning fat while stimulating your metabolism.

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Patch slimming and destocking fats

Patch slimming and destocking fats

Boost fat destocking and elimination to slim down quickly!

To fully benefit from the benefits of the patch and help you slim down and burn fat, follow our health tips for a healthier lifestyle, burn fat and destock:

  • Sleep: Lack of sleep increases hunger and therefore, promotes nibbling and weight gain. A fixed and restorative time sleep will promote a balanced diet, lower stress and therefore weight loss
  • Drink plenty of water in unlimited quantity and all day! Always have a small bottle of flat or bubbly water on you. According to your sports practice, we recommend that you drink at least 2l of water per day. In addition, it helps digestion and therefore to lose weight durably.
  • Practice walking at least 30 minutes a day. Practicing physical activity improves your sleep and therefore your lifestyle. Did you know that walking is one of the best exercises to stay fit? This can turn into a simple routine and muscle your whole body. It helps to exercise muscles and burn fat. Practice it preferably without distractions in order to take full advantage of the benefits for your body and mind.
  • Do not drink alcohol, or in moderation since alcohol contains a lot of sugar and opens your appetite. When we consume alcohol, we are more prone to nibbling and to fatty and sweet foods. Plus, it increases fatigue, so it's more like walking. Don't forget, no walking, no weight loss.
  • Eat light in the evening: Do you know the adage in the morning, eat like a king, at midday, eat like a prince and in the evening, eat like a poor? Well, if you follow this rule, you'll lose weight more easily.

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