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Zen Energy patch

Find your harmony, be Zen !

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Looking for a natural way to let go, forget the stress and relax? Do you want to stay zen, even in difficult times? Find balance, relaxation and well-being with our patch !

Nowadays, stress is omnipresent: at work, at home, in front of school... Staying zen despite the obstacles of daily life becomes a path for the fighter. How can you forget the daily worries that disrupt your mood...? Our energy patch is made for this, a natural way to maintain mental balance and relax.

Our energy patch allows you to :

  • Relax and feel good !
  • Remain zen despite difficult situations !
  • Recovering the psychic energy balance.

It's the ideal remedy for getting up on the right foot and getting into life !

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Zen Energy patch

Zen Energy patch

Find your harmony, be Zen !

In addition to the patch, how can you put all the chances on your side to remain zen on a daily basis despite the stress of life?

Develop good habits and incorporate methods to keep the "zen attitude" naturally in everyday life.

  • Meditation, yoga and sophrology can teach you to introduce letting go and help you take things philosophically.
  • Walks in nature and contact with the countryside, often underestimated, can also recharge your batteries and refocus you on the important things in life.
  • Several plants promote serenity, such as lavender infusion or Bach flowers (depending on the negative emotion that pushes you to the end).
  • Hawthorn, valerian and passionflower also help your body to better manage stress.
  • As for the nervous system, it can be regulated by lemon balm, passion flower, but also magnesium and zinc!

Some of your patients are facing a period of stress? This energy patch will be able to help them and allow them to face these events serenely.

On the energy level, the patch will soothe the emotional brain and brain tonsils alerted by stress. It will neutralize disrupted Chinese emotions bringing balance and harmony.

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